Thursday, June 27, 2013

The future of this blog

The future of this blog is uncertain. As it is for the blogger. No posts since April. This blog is slowly dying. (As is the blogger) No exercise updates for a very long time. It doesn't mean I'm back on the couch. It just means that running isn't a high priority right now. Trying to figure out the future is more so.

I have logged some miles, but not enough to finish a marathon this summer. Sorry about that. Life came in the way.

I'm lowering my expectations for this project, for running and maybe for a lot of other things as well. Maybe you should too. The blog gets some 100 page views per month. I wonder if those are all google robots? So when to expect updates? I don't know. I'll go on summer holiday soon. We'll get a puppy (again). I'll try to figure it out, but everything is uncertain at this point. So thats it for now. See you.

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  1. Anonymous1.7.13

    Hang in there...
    /Singaporean Google Robot