Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's all about needs

This is probably the last and final blog post of this project. It's long overdue - eighteen months has passed since the previous post. I checked the stats today, and people are apparently still reading this blog. It's all online and I guess the topic is relevant for those who read it. So let me give you a final update.

I have abandoned the goal of running marathons and ultras.

Running, as in marathon training, is rewarding in many ways, no doubt. Physically and mentally (better fitness, better self-esteem), socially (sense of community and belonging with other runners: mass events, running with a friend or friends, sharing goals and strategies). Wow, I want that! But what about the flip side? Running, as in marathon training, sucks! It's exhausting, it takes tons of time, it causes wear and tear on joints and ligaments, it makes you look like a starving person, it's unhealthy. It's f***ing self destructive! I know, I've injured myself a few times, I've had running related fights with my spouse when allocating too much time to running. I DON'T want that shit. But you have to take the good with the bad, or the bad with the good, right? No you don't. Just cut down running to two or three times a week, or substitute it with other, less taxing, exercise. Socialize in other ways. Try to find an optimal personal mix. There are quite a few needs that are not met by running (or rather marathon training), that might be more important than the needs that are met. Running marathons is just one solution to fulfilling needs, or even one tiny part in a much larger mix of actions toward fulfilling needs. There are needs that might be seriously neglected if running marathons becomes an addiction or a compulsion (or even to much of a priority).

I think I already mentioned, years ago, that the real goal for me was to abandon the couch and get active again. Running marathons and ultras sounded daunting and challenging enough to actually get me engaged, it sounded so much more significant than simply: get healthier. The good thing with goals is that they make you move towards them. The moving is the thing of importance, actually, the goal in and as of itself is much less significant. The moving is your time, your life, hence "the journey is more important than the destination". So goals should be set, or abandoned, mindfully. If they help you get your needs met and live a fulfilling life. Great! If they obstruct you from finding better ways to get your needs met. Think again! If you don't know what your needs are, find out more about them. To put it simply:

I have realized there are more pleasurable ways to get my needs met.

Thank you for reading. And do note I'm not at all abandoning an active lifestyle, nor should anyone else abandon aspirations towards greater health and fitness - on the contrary this journey has made me realize more than ever that I, mind and body, need exercise - but in moderation.

Run for your life! At a comfortable pace, and not too far

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The future of this blog

The future of this blog is uncertain. As it is for the blogger. No posts since April. This blog is slowly dying. (As is the blogger) No exercise updates for a very long time. It doesn't mean I'm back on the couch. It just means that running isn't a high priority right now. Trying to figure out the future is more so.

I have logged some miles, but not enough to finish a marathon this summer. Sorry about that. Life came in the way.

I'm lowering my expectations for this project, for running and maybe for a lot of other things as well. Maybe you should too. The blog gets some 100 page views per month. I wonder if those are all google robots? So when to expect updates? I don't know. I'll go on summer holiday soon. We'll get a puppy (again). I'll try to figure it out, but everything is uncertain at this point. So thats it for now. See you.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Race Report: Helsinki City Run 2013

In short: DNF

Why? Pre race?

I spend enough time away from home as it is. We've recently moved to another town, but my job hasn't. So I don't want to spend more time away from home than necessary by spending the weekend in Helsinki just to jog in a mass event (fun as it is though).

What about the bet?

The bet is off. Mr. Gothoni DNF:ed long ago by over stretching his capabilities in a football game (he is injured, or claims to be). Too bad. Even though I haven't trained very well - Actually it isn't even appropriate to talk about training, as total milage of 2013 amounts to less than 100km - I believe I could have made a new PR on the half marathon stretch. I did a time trial run of 10k last week and to my astonishment set a new personal best, which sadly still is pretty slow. Mr. Gothoni, with his well known appetite for pizza, sweet beverages and other unhealthy fattening foodstuffs, would probably have been even slower. Well, now we will never know. On the bright side: I can spend my 400 € earmarked for loss and defeat on something else. Something my wife picks from Ikea. Jippijaiyeaey!

The main event this year will be Helsinki City Marathon in August. A long way to run, and a long way to the state of a strong finisher. I'd better start to ramp up milage regardless of bets!